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PLEASE NOTE: This calcualtor is for estimation purposes only. To understand the true value of your claim, you must consult with a local attorney.

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How this Calculator Works

Calculating the value of an injury claim is difficult and the only true way to understand how much your claim could be worth is to speak to an attorney. However, by looking at the medical expenses you incurred, the amount of property damage that occurred and any lost wages, we can produce a settlement estimate that will give you a value range for your claim.

To produce this value range we take the sum of your medical expenses (current and future), lost wages (actual and projected) and property damages. To that sum we add the product of your medical expenses and a severity multiplier ranging from 1.5 to 5. The severity of your injuries will determine this multiplier and the only true way to get an accurate multiplier is to speak to an attorney.

After performing these calculations we will provide you with a claim value estimate that ranges from Low (1.5) to High (5.0). Your actual claim will most likely be worht something between these two numbers

PLEASE REMEMBER -- This calculator is for estimation purposes only and is NOT a replacement for a legal consultation from an injury attorney. To find an attorney who can help you with your claim, please use our Free Claim Evaluation form.

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